Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Well i've been working really hard on making my crab better in Mudbox, like Jin advised. Here it is.
But there's a problem with the UVs so i have to do it all again.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The crab

Mr Crab is modelled, rigged and textured. I've been having some EXTREME (BOLD UNDERLINE ITALIC CAPSLOCK) issues with the 3D Paint tool so i still need to get the seams painted away but other than that he is ready to rock and roll.
Here is the texture
Pretty happy with it!! I've been using the green crab as inspiration, especially for the main shell part!
And a few test renders.
I love the way he looks from underneath!! Happy.

Matchmoving and Maya

SO...i have somewhat neglected blogging but stress and breakdowns will do that to a person.

Basically this is what has been going on. In a concise bullet-pointed format:
  • The footage was awful, matchmover wouldn't track it AT ALL.
  • Booked all the equipment i could get and went filming again, looked for things to craftily include in my shots that had good co-ordinates and nice areas of contrast, and took about 50 different shots.
  • Previewed them all and got rid of the rubbish ones, ended up with 29 potentially workable ones.
  • Picked one to track and everything went swimmingly! Tracked beautifully and i got a solve first time! And a nice working co-ordinate system too.
  • I exported from Matchmover into Maya and for some reason it would only load the first image of my seqeuence...naming convention issues. It was reading my image sequences as shot25.0001.jpg.jpg and that was messing everything up!
  • Lots of hand renaming later (yes i know there are softwares you can get for that but they were not working!!) i got that issue sorted and my image sequence played through in Maya.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Crab rig
Just found this, made me grin!


As well as that girl i've been creating some props for Nuria's film. Once they're all UV mapped i can duplicate and tinker with them to make variations and create all the clutter she wants!

Damn girl.

So i was given new designs for the girl on the 4th of October so got working on that.
And then i ended up with this which i was quite happy with, as was Nikki, there were a few wee tweaks around the mouth and eyes...
And so i went on to UV map...
But apparently the model is all wrong.
Exactly uv map, exactly.

Friday, 28 September 2012


As one of my personal projects i intend to incorporate an animated crab into a live action scene as a homage to my abandoned original film. I've begun to model my crab and he's looking pretty cool right now.
Here he is giving me the thumbs up i need to keep me going!
And some better views for your enjoyment.
Here he is flying through space (the viewport)

Don't worry, he may be a green crab but he won't be green like that forever, it's just so i can tell his bits apart :]